Pilates In The Canyon

New Client Special

Pilates in the Canyon offers high energy, low-impact group Pilates classes. Each 50-minute class offers a full body workout that blends strength training with cardio activity and stretching in a dynamic group setting. Our Reformer based Pilates classes use weight bearing springs, pulleys, straps, jump boards, integrated towers and accessories to create a safe and effective workout which sculpts and tones the entire body.

At Pilates in the Canyon, we have various instructors who teach fun classes in different styles! Exact cueing with the Pilates-centric focus on form, mechanics and flow, offer a class experience that is fun and effective. Our freshly remodeled studio in the beautiful Orange Park Acres area with breath taking views of the canyon and background music create an environment where clients of all fitness levels are happy to workout.

Pilates in the Canyon has changed ownership as of February 1, 2015.

We are constantly working on making changes to keep our clients happy and coming back for more!

Check out our NEW CLIENT SPECIAL! $40 for 4 classes and our new lower prices for Reformer Group Class Packages!


7526 E. Chapman Ave. | Orange, CA 92869
(949) 887-9101
 | info@pilatesinthecanyon.com